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About Us

About Seasonal Savours

Our thought is to make sure that we make our products healthy, authentic and pack them with love just for you and the way our grannies used to make with zero preservatives or added artificial colorants except for the natural preservatives like oil and turmeric., for you to eat hearty!

We at Seasonal Savours make items according to the availability of the ingredients in specific season of the year and deliver freshly prepared Aavakay (Pickles), Podilu (Powders) and Endu Vadiyalu (Fries) which are specially prepared and packed for you with love on receiving your order. Every ingredient used in making our products is chosen with care. These are completely homemade. 

The pickles made are seasonal and are available only for a few months as we make and pack them fresh. Don’t worry though! there are some pickles which are available year-round and can be preserved after procurement for a period mentioned on the packed product.

Seasonal Picks

Summer: Who wouldn’t love to eat the raw and the sweet mangoes in the serene & beautiful summers! We make a few pickles available only during the summers but can still be preserved throughout the year.

Winter: A few of our products are available only during the chilly winter months due to the availability of the star ingredients for a specific period. These can be also preserved throughout the year, some of them to be preserved as directed on the pack and to be consumed within the time frame.

Year-Round Pickles: These are the pickles available in any season of the year. Can be relished along with rice, chapathi, Idlis, dosas, uttappam and many more. 

Powders (PODI): Every powder available in our products is not only elucidating but also is full of nutrients. Apart from a few powders (like curry powder & Sambar powder) tastes best when eaten with hot rice along with Ghee, Idlis, Dosas, Dibbaroti (Andhra & Telangana version of Pancake).

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